Feb 16 15 4:43 PM

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With the latest updates to the WebCell installed, you can now set up password-protected remote access. This means that you can access your WebCell from anywhere over the Internet by logging in with a user name and password that you set up. When on your local network, the user name and password are not required.

Creating Users
To get started, click the Administration link on the WebCell home page, and then select "External Access" from the left column. You can now enter a user name and password in the boxes provided. Both are limited to 10 characters and both are case sensitive. When you have entered the user name and password, click the "Create new user" button. You can create multiple users.

Once a user is created, you will see the user name appear in a list above the entry fields. You can make changes to a user by clicking on the name in the list and updating the user name or password. You can go back to creating a new user by selecting "[create]" at the bottom of the user list.

Enabling Remote Access
To actually expose your WebCell to the Internet for remote access requires opening a "port" on your Internet router. The WebCell can communicate with your router using Universal Plug & Play (UPnP) to accomplish this task if your router has this feature enabled. Simply click the button labled "Enable Access".

If successful, the page will update to show the external Internet address of your WebCell. Since you will want to use this link on your portable devices, you might want to email the link to your phone or tablet. Just fill in the email address in the box and click the "Send Link" button. Of course, WebCell email must be set up first.