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Aug 2 13 11:01 AM

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This is the place to be if you have questions or comments about Paterson Technology products. Just post a new topic and we'll do our best to provide answers.
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Sep 17 13 10:10 AM

Re: Post your questions here!

I recently learned that you do not produce the Paterson USB TV Translator any longer. Seems there is still a need for these devices, including a few that I need myself. If you no longer are interested in producing them, any chance you would make available the drawings/specifications/code so that I might produce a few of them for my own use?

Thank you very much.

Ed Cicci

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Nov 14 13 5:22 PM

TV Translator discontinued

Producing the TV Translator in small quantities is not very practical. Because they are so small, a single PCB panel about 11" x 6" has 100 units. But see the new Discontinued Products forum for more options.

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Feb 12 14 9:45 AM

Are these products available in other countries as well ?

Are these products available in other countries as well ?
Looking for such products or any knowledge about them will be really helpful.


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